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she / her, black, lesbian, cancer.

FAVS! naruto. haikyuu. another. bnha. dr. stone. food wars. your name. izuku. giyuu. toshinori. camie. shouyou. naruto. shouto. twice. tanjiro. rengoku. megumi. itadori. main characters in general.
DFI !! fit basic criteria, -14. anti my favs , you dislike any of my friends, you support problematic authors [ writers who glorify / romanticize / sexualize r/pe, p/dophilia, s/a, etc. ] you slander y/n, if you plagiarize / support creators who do. if you ship bakudeku in canon ( au is fine!! ) + if you're an antishipper.
BYF/I !! very slow msg replier !! i don't like making new friends sorry! i have bpd so please take that into consideration when talking to me / if you want to be friends- but please don't be offended if i don't make an effort at first :( refrain from calling me sensitive and / or dramatic, even as a joke, unless we're close pls! i try not to interact with comments or messages on wp to avoid toxicity, so i'm sorry if i don't get back to you! also, i'm not very spoiler-free for anything I've watched / read!! sorry!

friends amai !! mackey! joey. moonie. honey. starlet. luna. daisy. mei. rubi. sunnie. kenny. tina.

:D IZUKU! amai. writing. whump. gore. angst. analyzing. character studies. sweets. stuffies. mackey!! rainy days. girls. main characters. aesthetics. fluffy things!!! chase atlantic.


HIGH KINS camie. aoyama. izuku. shouyou. bokuto. shikamaru. COMFORT my kins + giyuu. shouto. souma. inosuke. + ships naruhina. todobaku. kagehina. kenhina. bokuaka. dekukami.
D: hisoka. school. anti shippers. annoying commenters. authors who incorrectly portray sensitive topics.

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